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Home is a big investment, whether you’re buying, leasing or renting it. And as much important is choosing a Home Inspection Services for your future home. A home inspection is a stitch in time that can reduce risks and avoid unwanted surprises all the way down in time while buying or renting a home. It not only saves you from the cost squander, but also from the aftermath of unprepared repairs that may get out of your hands, if not paid heed to.

Here at Magnified Home Inspectors, we see Inspection more as a learning experience, an education that will help you get a snapshot of your overall home quality and lets you act ahead of time. We provide high-quality home inspection services that are technically comprehensive and encompass all aspects much more than a mere visual examination. Our home inspectors are well trained and perform an end-to-end assessment of your electrical and plumbing systems, of your HVAC systems, water quality testing, detection of molds and carcinogens, roof attics and other hard-to-look problems. At the end of the inspection, we provide you a comprehensive Home Inspection Report that details every aspect of your present and future quality of your home. Our inspectors then assist you on the line items based on the priority, recommended improvements, and negotiate terms and the price of the property.

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