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How to choose a home inspector?

Most qualified licensed home inspectors come from different backgrounds but by being a qualified licensed home inspector we are all capable of performing this important service.  So how do you choose? Choose someone you feel comfortable with. You will have lots of questions and someone you feel comfortable with will make the process easier.  I will answer any questions you may have prior to the inspection to make you feel as comfortable with the process.

How much does a home inspection cost?

There are many variables that make up a home inspection. These variables will determine the cost of the inspection. Some examples are multi-family homes, square footage, age of the home as well as additional services.

When should I get a home inspection?

Usually you will get a home inspection completed once you make a purchase offer on the property.

How long will the inspection last?

A typical home inspection will take 2-3 hours depending on the size and age of the home. Please feel free to ask any questions if you feel you need more explanation on something I’ve brought to your attention. I guarantee I will give you all the time you may need.

I am selling my house, what is a pre-inspection?  

A pre-inspection is an inspection of your home. During this inspection, we will perform a complete inspection of your home and give you a report of all of the home’s defects and maintenance items. This report gives you the opportunity to correct issues before a buyer’s inspection allowing your home to be more marketable.  Just like a used car, a buyer will choose the ‘certified used’ model vs the one sold ‘as is.’

I am buying a new home do I need an inspection? 

All new cars are inspected before they are delivered to a customer. Wouldn’t you expect your new home to be inspected too?   It is best to hire an inspection company early on in the home buying process to make sure all phases of home building are completed correctly. It is easy to inspect ‘behind the walls’ before they go up.

Should I be at the inspection?

I highly recommend every one of my clients to try and be there during the inspection. I know it is a fast paced world, but there is so much to gain by attending an inspection. It is an opportunity for me to show you more about your home and the maintenance items that may need to be addressed. It also gives you a chance to obtain further explanations on any issues that you are concerned about! If you are unable to attend, I will have a detailed report with pictures to review with you in case you need explanations on anything we find during the inspection.  We are always there for you!

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