Magnified Home Inspection Services provides quality home inspection services for homebuyers in Hartford Connecticut, which are crucial to helping them build a confident and educated decision to buy a new residence. Whether you are buying or selling a home, inspection should be a top priority. Having an accurate home inspection will help you make the best decision on your purchase, or let you know what repairs a property can need before it is sold.


Why do you need an Home Inspection?

Why do you need an Home Inspection?

Most homeowners are swept away by the excitement of owning a new home that they overlook the critical aspect of a House purchase, i.e a Home inspection. While a few homeowners consider this as an additional investment, few others believe that a VA Home Appraisal is sufficient information about your home quality.

If you are one of the either category, you ought to know that skipping a home inspection could run you into a plethora of financial and financial problems in the long run. Home Inspection is in fact a stitch in time and a smart investment that help homeowners think ahead of the purchase and take informed decisions about your home quality.

In this blog article, we cover an overview of Home Inspection Services in Hartford Connecticut and help you understand why home Inspections is as critical as a Home Purchase:

1. Awareness about the Safety and Health of your home

A home should never be judged by the facade. A good home is never about the appearance or the outlook. It's about the details on how sturdy the foundation is, how strong the walls are and the insider details which only which the experts can tell. While most of us only get a Cursory view about the physical and structural attributes of your home, an expert knows where to look and can get an estimate on the potential problems that are likely to happen in the future.

Let's say for instance, while most of us dismiss the presence of termites with a physical examination, an expert knows where to look for infestations, what stage it is and what must be done to prevent the same.

2.Address problems beforehand before it's too late

A home inspection could uncover slightest to the deadliest problems of a home. Situations like elevated Radon levels, over-exposure to asbestos or consuming water with concentrate levels of Uranium could cause serious health problems in the long run. These Home issues are something can most homeowners fail to note and the effects keeps accumulating for years to come. Having a Home Inspection done could warn your beforehand so that you can take necessary steps to curb the same.

3. Smooth Contribution to the deal of buying/selling

Having done with a home inspection done can give you the power to negotiate the deal at a lower price. If the home you are interested to buy is within your reach, the information gathered in the home inspection could give you the bargaining power to further negotiate down the price. You also talk deals about the repairs involved and ask the seller make the necessary repairs. If the seller is unwilling to do so, you could total the price in the contract as such.

Have the knowledge of home ahead of time

To conclude, Home inspections only have advantages to count and doesn't fall back on any aspect and it's the wisest decision any homeowner could take.

Book an appointment with Magnified Home Inspections, Hartford Connecticut and let our pros handle all the stuff for you. We perform a comprehensive list of Home Inspection services, such as:

  • High levels of Bacteria, E-coli, Coliform

  • Radon Testing

  • Mold Detection

  • Septic System Inspection

  • Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Inspection

  • Sewer Scoping

  • Asbestos & Lead Detection

  • Exterior & Interior

  • Lead/Radon VOCs-in-Well Water

  • Mold Testing (If Available)

  • Condominium Inspections

After the inspection, we send you a detailed report outlining all the attributes of your home inspections and guide you on the next steps on your home inspections. We at, magnified believe that Home inspections is a learning experience every homeowner must pursue, that could save you from cost squanders and health issues in the long run.

Everything you need to know about Radon Home Inspection

Radon Home Inspection

Most homeowners in the process of buying a home ponder if radon home inspection is a necessary exercise.

The answer is a resounding yes.

Radon gas is present naturally in the air we breathe and does not pose a serious threat until it reaches above the recommended levels of four picocuries per liter (4 pCi/L). It’s produced by the natural breakdown of uranium present in the rocks and soil underneath the soil bed. Uranium breaks down into smaller particles and settles into our lungs as we inhale it in the air we breathe. Some evidences point out that the energy associated with the particles is capable to alter the DNA, thereby increasing the risk of lung Cancer. Therefore, higher levels and prolonged exposure to Radon is extremely dangerous and could lead to lung cancer. Radon gas is carcinogenic in nature and is proven to be the #1 cause of lung cancer, beating smoking which is the second leading cause.

How does Radon get into your house?

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that enters the home through Construction joints, Floor drain, Cracks in foundation, walls and window casements into the ground floor of the home. It seeps through the ground and enters your house through cracks and holes and collects into spaces like crawlspaces and basement. Radon can build up over time until it poses a serious problem. Your home radon levels depend on the amount of uranium in the ground, the number of entry points and the ventilation in your home. EPA believes that nearly one in every 15 households has radon gas above the recommended levels and urges homeowners to take corrective measures to curb the rising levels.

Do newer houses need a Radon Test?

Radon can build up anytime, regardless of whether the home is new or old. It can build up during construction while flooring or building pipelines, or any other method we don’t know. Getting your home tested for Radon as a precautionary measure is the best way to cope with this and get ahead of the danger. We at Magnified HI offers unparallel home inspection services in West Hartford, and other Hartford Connecticut counties.

How to test for the presence of Radon in your home?

Radon tests are generally done by Home Inspectors using Radon Testing systems and if there are unusual levels of Radon present, they install a Radon Mitigation system to prevent further issues. There are, however, Radon DIY testing sets that measure levels of Radon to an extent. These aren’t very effective and are said to be limited in accuracy compared to the professional Radon Testing by Home inspectors. Professional Radon testing is the best option for the most accurate results and can be very beneficial in the real-estate situations.

Radon tests fall into two categories: Active and passive used to test the presence of Radon. There are three subtypes of passive tests that include charcoal, alpha track and electrets. While only the charcoal and the alpha tests are available in the DIY radon testing kit, the professional Radon testing also includes the passive electrets test and active test, along with other short term, long-term and continuous tests.

What to do if your house has higher levels of Radon?

Your house will be initially tested with a short-term Radon test. If the test registers a level higher than 4 pCi/L, it’s recommended to go for a further short-term test. While a long-term Radon test gives very accurate results, a short-term test gives immediate results for a real-estate transaction or for any emergency situations. If even the second test registers a level higher than the recommended value, consider taking steps to reduce the radon levels in your as per EPA suggestions.

What’s a Radon Mitigation system and how does it work?

Radon Mitigation system is mitigating your home of excess Radon levels by ventilating your home using a PVC pipes by drawing the Radon gas from the soil to out of the house. Having a vent pipe placed on a sump pit or a hole made under the concrete floor slab, is the most effective system to ventilate Radon. Moreover, there’s a special in-line Radon Glass placed under the basement to vent the gas outside of the home and out of the eaves.

Need Radon Home Inspection Services in Hartford Connecticut?

While there are several Home Inspectors in Hartford Connecticut and around who perform Radon Home Inspections, we stand apart with our high-technology procedures, certified inspectors and for our trusted services since several years. We’re handpicked and awarded as one of the best Home Inspectors in Hartford Connecticut and we prove our competence through our high quality services.

Uranium well water testing in Connecticut

Uranium Well Water Testing

A recent U.S. Geological Survey revealed that almost 4% of private wells in the state have elevated levels of arsenic and 4.7% have higher concentrations of uranium than the acceptable levels. This triggered an alarm as almost 23% of the state's population use water from the 3,22,600 private wells in Hartford Connecticut. DPH added that getting checked for the potability of water is entirely the responsibility of the homeowners and it is critical to take corrective measures irrespective of whether they are new owners or they have been residing for long.

How does Arsenic and Uranium get into the water wells?

Arsenic can enter the water supply either from natural deposits in the Earth, or by the dumped industrial outlets. In private water wells, it may come from previous fertilizer use or industrial waste. Uranium occurs naturally in bedrock groundwater, and it isn’t a hazard if it is within the safe levels. But a higher concentration of Uranium in the deep bedrocks contaminates wells that are deeper. The Shallow wells, however, that do not reach the bedrock aren't very susceptible to uranium contamination. There are varying levels of Uranium in bedrock in different places and it isn't possible to anticipate the level of contamination without testing it out.

When should you test for the presence of Uranium or Arsenic in your water wells?

You can test your well water for the presence of Uranium and Arsenic while taking a home with a well or at the time when a new well is drilled. It is possible that the Uranium levels in water vary and so it’s highly recommended to get your water checked every 5 years. If you have a Uranium water treatment system at Home, it’s recommended that you get it checked every 5 years if it is working fine.

Harmful effects of exposure of Arsenic and Uranium

Exposure of Arsenic and Uranium over a period of time has been linked to several health issues like risk of cancer, low birth weight, decreased child intellectual development, immune system suppression etc. Evidence says that Ingestion of uranium has also been associated with kidney disease.

How to test if my well water is safe for Drinking?

To test if your well water is safe for drinking, a Uranium test is highly recommended. The test reveals the amount of Uranium concentration in water. If the level of Uranium is higher than the EPA standard of 30 micrograms per liter (ug/l)m, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) recommends you to treat your well water to remove Uranium or choose an alternate source of drinking water. DPH further added that drinking or bathing in water in levels exceeding 900 ug/l is strictly prohibited.

There are different types of water treatment systems and technologies used to remove Uranium and traces of other harmful chemicals in water. But the decision about the right treatment systems depend on several factors like water usage, installation costs, presence of other elements, and the maintenance costs. Considering the fact that Uranium only gets into your body through ingestion and not through drinking water adds to the necessity to evaluate the point-of-entry of Uranium to know the exact source of Uranium and where it should be treated. These issues could be navigated well only with the help of experts who know where to look, how to look and what to do.

Our team at Magnified Home inspectors test your well water for the presence of Uranium with a series of comprehensive high-technology tests. We provide you with a best and complete solution for all your well water problems with a system that eliminates all the contaminants involved.

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