Mold Inspections for Homebuyers and Homeowners

Molds can be found almost anywhere and can grow on any organic materials as long as there is oxygen and moisture present. Molds when present in small quantities cause insignificant damage. But when the mold spores are present in large quantities, it can present serious health hazards, allergic reactions and respiratory problems- making it a critical category of Home inspections. Moreover, it can also cause damage to home and furniture, leading to expensive repairs.

What is Mold?

Mold is typically a fungus that thrives on moisture and that can be found anywhere inside and outside home. As it grows, mold releases spores that float in air. They are quite harmless in small quantities, but grow more dangerous as they find ground on moist surfaces. Having found the right environment, mold can potentially spread further into your home, causing damage, health issues, and resulting in expensive repairs.
However, molds fail to thrive without moisture. Homebuyers and Homeowners can proactively restrict mold growth by keeping the home devoid of moisture. Acting early on reducing moisture and ensuring that your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are vented properly can reduce risks to a good extent.

Health Hazards caused by Mold

As mentioned, Mold in small quantities causes insignificant damage. But when present in large quantities, present serious health concerns, allergic reactions and respiratory problems like:

  • Watery, itchy eyes

  • Chronic cough

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Rashes

  • Tiredness

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  • Sinus problems

  • Nasal blockage

  • Frequent sneezing

Apart from it, water accumulation, leaky roofs or walls can damage the ceiling and stimulate an increase in Mold at your HVAC systems- which impacts respiratory health systems.

How to restain a mold in the Home:

1. Maintaining Healthy Humidity: Mold and Mildew grow in places having excessive moisture environments, So it is vital to maintain low humidity levels. Make sure you turn on ventilation fans in the kitchen, basement, or bathroom.

2. Fresh Air: Fresh air facilitates ventilation that balances indoor carbon dioxide levels. Keeping Windows and doors open for 5-15 minutes a day helps to impart natural ventilation and dry out dampness. A closed home especially with ceiling leaks or walls that cause mold, Rust, and termites, must be taken care of by controlling the humidity levels.

3. Dry wet Areas: Mold can thrive only in high moisture areas like bathrooms, leaky pipes, damp ceilings, and more. Always keep drying in your home’s wet areas. Water in the surface can prompt moisture.By cleaning the surfaces, your home can be free of mold. It’s also important to end the plumbing leaks and get rid of the moisture sources.

  • Keep your gutter and downspout systems clean.

  • Prevent moisture by installing a Sump pump.

  • Find the leaks and mend where it has to be.

Mold remediation

If your home is infested with mold, you should approach a specialist for remediating the mold. However a small amount of mold can easily be removed using simple agents like Vinegar, Bleach, Hydrogen peroxide. While it can be a good temporary solution, a professional can do a better job for you!

Mold Inspection services in Connecticut:

A professional mold inspection is recommended if you notice a strong musty smell. Even otherwise in mild mold conditions, it’s necessary to call for professional help as an expert has more attention to detail in eradicating the possibilities of mold growth.

A professional mold inspector has the experience in collecting samples and testing for the air quality. They will be better able to provide you with accurate results and recommendations for mold remediation. Another important reason to opt for professional mold inspection and testing is the number of mold spores that keep fluctuating volumes and move throughout the home. An expert studies deeper with a few different types of mold tests to ensure the most accurate results. Home tests cannot provide this level of accuracy.

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