Radon Home Inspection Service

Every home has a slight presence of Radon. It typically enters into the homes through the flooring systems, construction joints, Cracks in the solid floors, fireplaces, cavities between the walls, through water pipes and moves between the ground and living spaces.The threat is when the levels of Radon elevate and concentrate, which can cause lung Cancer on the long run. Radon is the second leading cause of Lung Cancer and is estimated to have caused more than 21000 Lung Cancer Deaths every year.

Radon Testing is the only way to know if your family is at risk. Around 1 in 15 houses in the US have a Radon problem and the EPA and General Surgeon recommends that all homes below the third floor be tested for Radon.

We at, Magnified Home Inspectors perform a home inspection of your home to test the unsafe Radon Levels of your home and take the right measures to mitigate it. Our inspectors are highly trained, deliver detailed reports and take pride in helping you make clear and confident decisions about your homeownership.

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