Roof Inspections -why you need one

Why do you need an Roof Inspection?

Roofs are often treated like tires. We think about them only when the problem arises and replace them when it is an absolute necessity. Just like maintaining tires could increase their longevity, regular roof maintenance and inspections play a prominent role in extending the useful life of roofs.

But often homeowners put blind faith in the roof's integrity through storms and winds until there's serious damage done. And by the time they realize, the cost of the roof repair or replacement shoots to a whopping cost.

Why do you need a Home Inspection?

A roof is said to have a long benchmark life of 20 to 30 years for multi-ply bituminous and low-slope roofs and approximately 15 to 25 years for most single-ply roofs. Although this may seem long enough, factors like weather and aging influence the bearing pressure of the roof material and alter the quality of the roof structure. Roofs may open up, undergo water infiltration or damage at the perimeter, or undergo leaks. Roofs also face improper drain issues or traces of vegetation over time that affects the sturdiness of the structure. A regular roof inspection resolves the deficiencies and saves you from potential roof damages in the future, thereby increasing the longevity of your home. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends scheduling a roof inspection once a year and during the fall, spring, and following any major storm that involves high winds, hail, or flying debris.

How is a Roof inspection done?

A homeowner can spot the most evident signs of roof damage without climbing up, but a home inspector is trained to look at the present condition as well as identify the potential signs of damage likely to happen in the future. The roof inspector walks on the roof and perceives aspects of roofs like structure, material, the interior of the roof, problems in workmanship, and other red flags. With this analysis, an inspector could understand the present roof condition and could anticipate its lifetime.

What do Roof inspectors spot during an inspection?

1. Water Leakage: A water leakage on the roof occurs due to clogged gutters, improperly installed, or scatter shingles of heavy storms. The roof inspector pays attention to the draining capacity and signs for leakages during the inspection.

2. Mold: Mold damages the attic and ceiling and causes excessive water leakage. It creates dampness of the walls grows at places that have moisture, leaks, damages, etc.

3. Clogged Gutter: Often gutters get clogged with shingle granules, and it is an indication of shingles wearing away. Granules protect the shingles from ultraviolent ways by adding extra weight to the roof.

4. Rust: Rust ruins metal roofs. It erodes in several spaces around the roof paving the way to leaks. Getting rid of rust in the starting saves you the later damage all over the roof.

Make a smart investment in home inspections

There's a vast difference in perspective between an amateur and an expert. Without knowledge, sometimes we spend money on small damages. A lack of knowledge can go a long way to damage. Investing smart in home inspections can be a stitch in time that could save your home from potential damages and increase the longevity of your investment.

Another point to note is that if you suspect roof damage, it's wise to call a professional home inspector to identify flaws and go ahead with claiming a roof warranty. Before claiming, the contractor visits your home to list all the leaks and repairs. Make sure to submit all the filed documents and warranty copies to the contractor.

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