Wood Inspection Services

Surveys indicate that termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year. They are known as “Silent Destroyers’ as they could chew through wood, flooring and wallpaper if left undetected. Apparently the signs of infestations are hard to find and it could probably take 3 to 8 years before the first signs appear.

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Water Quality Testing Services

Being an educated Home owner is important especially when it comes to Water quality. Your water may seem clean and consumable but you never know the level of contamination that could add to your water if your pipes are old, corroded or leaky.

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Interior and Exterior inspections Services

A basic home inspection starts with inspecting the interior and exterior of your home. While a homeowner could only get a cursory view of stuff, an expert goes a long way into the stuff that homeowners are untrained to look at. An expert knows where to look,..

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Condominium Inspection services

There are many ways that a complete and thorough condominium inspection can protect you and your finances. The inspection may reveal expensive repairs that are needed, or systems that may need to be replaced.

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Radon Home Inspection Service

Radon is dangerous and a hazard that you can’t leave to chance. Any home can have a Radon Problem- especially new and well-sealed homes, homes without basements and more. Radon typically enters into the homes through the flooring systems and other spaces and moves between the ground and living spaces.

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Asbestos Home Inspection Services

If you live in a home built in the 1980’s, probably you’ll have your piping and ductwork coated with Asbestos insulation. Exposure to asbestos causes asbestosis, a potentially fatal scarring of lung tissue which could lead to lung and digestive-tract cancers.Traces of asbestos found in Roofs, siding shingles, textured paints, patching compounds, ceiling joints, vinyl floor tiles and more can have loose asbestos and only the experts know where to look. We inspect your homes for the presence of asbestos, the level of damage and do the needful with proper handling and disposal procedures.

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