Well Water Testing Service

Experts recommend testing well water for the presence of Uranium during purchase of a home or when a new well is drilled. Though a certain concentrate of uranium is acceptable and consumable, exposure over a period of time is found to have adverse effects on your health, especially kidney function. There is a state or federal criteria for the levels of Uranium, above which, homeowners can take a number of effective treatment options to lower the concentration of the metal to less concerning levels. EPA has set the maximum contaminant level (MCL) of Uranium as 30 ug/l.

Uranium is usually found in the bedrock and finds its way to the private wells when it comes in contact with the groundwater and as a result leaches out and contaminates private wells. It’s thus necessary to test the presence of Uranium, check the level of contamination of Uranium and take steps to make it safe to use.

The best way to find if there’s uranium or any other toxic metals in your water well is to get it tested by professionals. Based on the results, your decision will be to either install a treatment system, or do some additional testing for related contaminants. We at Magnified Home Inspections, Connecticut perform a comprehensive well water testing for the presence of all kinds of toxins including Uranium and provide you insights on the best way to reduce the level of contamination in your well water.

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