Magnified HI -Why should you get a Pest Inspection Done before buying a home?

Why do you need an Home Inspection?

While moving into a new home, the last thing that you’d probably have in your mind is a pest inspection. Most homebuyers usually brush it off as a simple do-it-for-yourself exercise unaware of its aftermath. But as a matter of fact, pest damage has serious consequences other than just causing unsanitary conditions at home. Pests can hamper your home buying deal, affect the structural integrity of the home and cost you expensive repairs. It can lower the value of the home and even lead you to rethink the entire purchase.

Getting a Pest inspection done for your home is the safest route of buying that can save you the headache of future pest damage. If you are planning to get started with pest inspection, here’s what you should know.

What’s in a Pest Inspection?

Pest Inspections are carried out separately from a regular Home inspection and covers pests such as ants, moths, mice, scorpions, snakes, and more. The most dangerous amongst them is the termite infestations known for causing serious structural damage to the home- that are quite costly to repair.

Homeowner insurance or a VA typically doesn't cover pest issues which is why you should strongly consider having a pest inspection done before buying a home. You also should consider a pest inspection service if your place of residence is in a vulnerable region, or if your lender insists on doing so. Usually, the cost of Pest inspection is somewhere around $100, but if ignored, you may have to take pest control services that could also reach thousands of dollars depending upon how bad the infestation is.

What happens during a Pest Inspection?

During a basic Pest inspection that usually takes around 30 minutes, the pest inspector checks the interior and exterior of your home for any damage caused by the destructive pests. The inspector checks for signs of moisture that attracts wood-destroying pests like termites as well as pest activity such as:

  • Mud tubes (small tunnels that subterranean termites build to access food)

  • Piles of wings

  • Damaged wood (crushed joints; sounds hollow when tapped)

  • Moist wood (moisture content above 28%, indicating wood-destroying fungi)

  • Bubbling and buckled paint

  • Gnawed wiring

  • Droppings, especially from mice

A basic pest inspection is done in 3 steps

1. Inspect Your Property and Identify Problem Areas that are attractive to pests.

2. Inspect Areas Where Pests Can Enter Your Home or Structure

3. Identify Suspected Pests on Your Property that have been disturbed and the probability of further infestations.

However, As some pests wreak more havoc than others, inspectors go into a deeper investigation by looking into the probable infestations in possible places.

For instance, Fire ants can access homes through heating and air conditioning during heat and rain. Rattlesnakes could be found in wrought-iron fences and more. In such cases, you will have to request a separate pest inspection and control specializations for bed bugs and termites.

After the inspection is done, you’ll receive a report or certificate that elaborates on the probable area of infestation, problem areas, and details on whether it’s one-time extermination or longer-term pest management.

While a simple pest inspection may take over 30 minutes, a pest inspection with specialization may take much longer time.

Why do you need a Pest Inspection?

Need reasons why a pest Inspection can be the biggest break in your home buying process?

1. Uncovers pest problems beforehand

Identifying pest problems before moving in helps you take the necessary measures to address them beforehand. A pre-purchase pest inspection helps you be aware of the existing condition of your home as well as the potential pest problems. A professional will also give you an estimate of how much you will have to spend to resolve the pest problem.

2. Avoid future regret

Nothing can be more disheartening than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your new home and then realizing there is a pest infestation in the house. The pest infestation not only harms your family’s health and your property in general but also causes added expenses to get rid of the pests.

3. Gives you an upper hand in negotiations

Having Pre-pest control done helps you assess the actual value of the property that you are considering buying. It gives you negotiating power and ensures you pay a fair price for the house. With the help of the inspection reports, you will get a clear idea of whether you are getting a good deal on the house or not.

If there is much damage with pests, you get a chance to negotiate with the seller for a price reduction or to cover what you will spend on pest control. You may also ask for seller concessions to offset the potential costs. The best way to go about this is to request a complete residential pest control and give you a pest-free house before you get to the closing table.

4. Helps in getting into a more detailed inspection

There may be hidden issues in the house that may not be visible during the first inspection. Pest and pre-purchase building inspections will reveal all such problems, providing you with a complete picture of the investment. These inspections help in identifying issues in the materials or construction of the house and highlight potential pest problems. You can make an informed purchasing decision based on the inspection reports.

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